Overcoming Division on the Korean Peninsula through Cultural diplomacy and the Arts


Mrs. Mélanie Komagata

Postgraduate Student in East Asian Studies, University of Geneva

Dr. Mark C. Donfried

Director General, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD)

Carlos Badoza

Benjamin Lajda

Althea Corlett


What can bring a divided people together? War wreaks havoc and destruction. What can heal and reconcile? If art and culture have the power to let us see beyond the barriers we have built, which kind appeals to the deepest human emotions and brings the hearts to beat in unison? Korea has been divided for 70 years, but North and South share a culture that goes back 4000 years. 

This webinar will explore – in words and through performance – paths to peace that are unique to culture and the arts. We will hear about cultural diplomacy, and we will witness young artists expressing themselves in music and poetry, through dance and the visual arts.