Economic proposals to open and facilitate the relationship of North Korea and the world



Mr. Roger Wetherall

Coordinator, IAED - USA

Dr. Raghavan Seetharaman

CEO of Doha Bank, a global investment bank working in India-China-Europe

Mr. William Brown

Board of Directors, Economic Institute of America; Chair, George Washington University's North Korea Economic Forum in the Institute of Korean Studies (GWIKS)

Ms. Audra M. Hajj

CEO, Ascension Exchange

Mr. Joseph Busha

founder and CEO, JM BUSHA Investment Group

Mr. Jose Ramón Riera

CEO, Whats Media Inc. and Whats Cine SL, Spain. Former CEO, General Electric Capital Information Technology Solutions (1997-2001), USA. Writer on economic analysis of Public Sector Budgets.

Joint Session UPF USA, UPF EUME, UPF Africa


The existing Marxist economic system in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is based on central control with limited freedoms to access capital and investment, either internally or internationally. This system has greatly restricted the ability of individuals and businesses to expand production capacity to meet the needs of its people. Business can be a force for good, but how is economic development to be achieved in the current situation, and what values would need to be adopted for its accomplishment? 

Business leaders continually weigh the risks and rewards for their investment decisions. They consider how and what incentives can induce desired behavior. Our presenters will offer their constructive ideas on the actions that could be taken to facilitate and incentivize economic development on the peninsula and to lay a foundation for future peaceful integration.