The Role of Academicians in Bringing Peace to the Korean Peninsula


Robert Duffy

Secretary General, UPF Canada

Dr. Felix Kim

President of the International Union of Public Organizations of Koreans for Promoting the Peaceful Unification of Korea (Moscow)

Dr. Alexandre Mansourov

Adjunct Professor of Security Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Dr. Okkyung Pak

Former Professor of Social Anthropology, Concordia University, Montreal; lecturer at Jeju National University, Korea

Dr. Joseph Terwilliger

Professor of Neurobiology, Columbia University


Explore paradigms of social and cultural history that potentially support the reunification of the Korean people on the Peninsula. Components include economic structure, natural environment, family needs, personal identity and ethical values. 

In light of the tendency to demonize the DPRK as unreconstructable on every level and leave it at that, thoughtful observers are invited to propose regenerative alternatives for a permanent resolution.